CMMT 2.0- Vision and Core values
New team, new thinking, and new business model
CMMT continues to foster a sustainable and growing corporate culture
CMMT upholds the spirit of “Enthusiasm, love, and dedication”, aiming to reshape the corporate culture, unite employees' collective strength, and create a highly efficient working environment. In doing so, it endeavors to engender corporate value and, ultimately, establish itself as a socially conscientious enterprise.
To become a world-class manufacturer and service provider of display technology that is trusted and respected by our colleagues, clients, shareholders, and society.
Shareholders and investors
Continue to foster a “sustainable”, “growing”, and “profitable” business model that can generate the best return on investment for our shareholders and investors.
Fully understand the customers’ needs and provide the best solutions to cater to such needs. Furthermore, we continue to foster competitiveness for our clients through the products’ performance, cost, and quality.
Shape a corporate culture that allows our employees to unleash their skills and potential in a bid to create values for our employees and the Company while at the same time fulfilling the personal and corporate goals, making them proud to be part of the Company.
Social responsibilities
Proactively engage in social welfare to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and contribute values to the Company.