Insider trading prevention
CMMT has established the "Procedures for Handling Material inside Information", explicitly stating that directors, managers, and employees of the company should conduct their business with the care of a prudent manager and a fiduciary duty. They are required to execute business operations in accordance with the principles of honesty and credibility, and to sign confidentiality agreements. Regarding information that has a significant impact on the company's stock price, upon the explicit disclosure of such information, individuals are prohibited from disclosing it publicly within eighteen hours. Moreover, they are not allowed to buy or sell the company's securities either personally or on behalf of others; The "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles" specify that insider trading using undisclosed information in the market is prohibited. This includes trading by insiders based on the company's financial reports or related performance content, subject to control measures on stock transactions starting from the day of acquiring such information. These measures include (but are not limited to) directors refraining from trading their stocks during the thirty days prior to the announcement of the annual financial report and the fifteen days before the announcement of each quarterly financial report.
Every year, the Company conducts education and training on insider trading-related laws and regulations for our new employees. The course content includes the confidential handling of material information as well as the cause of insider trading and case studies. All relevant course presentations are stored on the Company's internal website for reference by the employees. This ensures the effective promotion of awareness and education on preventing insider trading. This proactive approach aims to prevent insider trading, emphasize integrity, honesty, and ethical values, strengthen corporate governance and risk management, and establish a culture of integrity for comprehensive business operation.
In the fiscal year 2023, the company conducted education and promotion for a total of 551 individuals, including current directors, managers, and all employees. The materials are available on the internal website for ongoing reference."