Climate change and energy management
In recent years, as climate change worsens, the risk of natural disasters also increases every year. CMMT continues to elevate our internal energy efficiency by introducing various energy conservation measures and green energy, hoping to generate economic values through ongoing production and achieve the goal of becoming a low-carbon enterprise.
GHG emissions
The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a report on climate change, which suggests that the average global surface temperature has increased over the past half-century along with the global average sea level. The main cause of climate change is most likely human activities, including agriculture, industry, energy, transportation, etc., increasing greenhouse gas emissions caused by. CMMT is committed to reducing its emissions by continuing its environmentally friendly production activities.
In 2010, CMMT initiated its greenhouse gas inventory operation, marking the first year of official establishment for the Greenhouse Gas Promotion and Management Committee.
In 2011, the company obtained its first ISO 14064-1:2006 certification for greenhouse gas emissions quantification.
In 2016, for the first time,CMMT disclosed greenhouse gas emission verification information in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
In 2022, the company achieved recertification under the revised ISO 14064-1:2018 standard.
During the same year, it also initiated ISO 14067:2018 product carbon footprint inventory and successfully obtained certification statements for the polarizing plate products S465 and S469.
The greenhouse gas inventory boundary for 2022 was the Tainan plant area. The emissions for Scope 1 were 15,861.83 metric tons CO2e, Scope 2 emissions were 31,082.04 metric tons CO2e, and the total emissions for Scope 1 and Scope 2 were 46,943.87 metric tons CO2e, with Scope 1 accounting for 34%, and Scope 2 accounting for 66%.
The emission intensity in 2022 was 1.32 (metric tons CO2e/thousand square meters). With the evolution of greenhouse gas inventory standards and global carbon management trends, CMMT also included Scope 3 greenhouse gas inventory. Following the significance principle, categories three to four were selected for inventory.
In 2022, Scope 3 emissions were 137,751.77 metric tons CO2e. CMMT will continue its greenhouse gas management, responding to global trends, investing in energy-saving and carbon reduction projects, and continuously improving its carbon management capabilities in the future.
Year   Total emissions
Direct emissions Indirect emissions
  18,307 33,030
2021   16,637 31,967
2022   15,861 31,082