Water resource
Water resource management
We are actively managing water resources based on the ISO14001 management system to respond to heavy rains or droughts caused by global climate change. The main water sources include tap water, air-conditioning condensate and rainwater. The Company strives to reduce the environmental impacts by managing water risks, developing water-saving technologies, reducing water use, automatically monitoring water quality, and through self-management.
Three key perspectives on water resource management for CMMT “Effectively reduce water consumption at the source, increase wastewater recycling in the manufacturing process, and reduce wastewater discharge”.
97% of plant-wide water used is fully recycled in a complete circulation system.
To effectively utilize water resources, CMMT started to evaluate to recycle the organic wastewater in addition to the existing water treatment and water recycling system, and added a RO water recycling equipment in order to use the recycled water for the cooling water tower and production line in the factory. The water recycled can be increased from 1,114 metric tons/day to an average of 2,214 metric tons/day; the rainwater harvesting system can effectively collect water for irrigation and toilet use; the tap water consumption has been reduced from an average of 1,972 metric tons/day to an average of 872 metric tons/day; these efforts show that we can effectively reduce water consumption at the source.
As we increase our production capacity, we also increase our water consumption. We installed a Membrane BioReactor (MBR), together with a RO system and were able to significantly reduce our wastewater discharge from 1497 metric tons per day to 397 metric tons per day. We were able to recover 97% of the water used in the process.