New horizon
Besides a fair and open recruitment channel and selection process, we regularly examine environmental variations and changes in labor regulations to reinforce our training and development program.
Our employees can unleash their full potential and create a win-win situation in a harmonious, peaceful, pleasant, proactive, and innovative work environment/ambiance.
We provide a competitive remuneration and welfare system to attract, cultivate, inspire, and retain outstanding talents of all disciplines through profit-sharing. By bolstering a sense of belonging, our partners will be more motivated to materialize the Company’s core values.
By combining the collective strength of everyone, we can create a high-performance workplace, enhance our corporate values, and become a socially responsible enterprise.
For any job opening-related questions, please contact CMMT’s HR Department via email (
Job opening search
Job opening search
At CMMT, we value every employee; besides a decent work environment, we also offer them space to learn and grow.
In terms of “work, life, learning, training, and development”, CMMT provides our employees comprehensive system and facilities to shape a fair, diverse, and inclusive work environment, as well as diversified career development channel.
We will provide a gender-friendly workplace with diverse, open, and inclusive atmosphere to unite employees of all ages to form CMMT’s forward momentum, thereby realizing the philosophy of CMMT 2.0.
Safety at CMMT
CMMT is committed to providing our employees with a safe workplace by formulating the labor safety management regulations as well as ongoing improvement of relevant protection measures and employee training. We strive to "comply with obligations, participate in all employees, protect the environment, control risks, improve performance, and make continuous improvements" to achieve zero pollution and zero accidents. Furthermore, we constantly evaluate the introduction of new production technology and equipment and organize employee safety and health training and health promotion activities to minimize the environmental impact of our production process while enhancing employee safety awareness and health.
Welfare at CMMT
Employees are an integral part of the Company’s business and production. Hence we want our employees to apply their expertise and earn generous remuneration to support their families. In addition, we also perceive great importance in their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, allowing them to achieve a work-life balance.
Besides satisfying our employees’ needs in food, clothing, accommodation, travel, education, and entertainment, we also offer comprehensive insurance coverage including life insurance, accident insurance, and free group insurance, so that they can work with peace of mind.