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CMMT Unveiling Ceremony

On December 28th, 2021, the new landmark of CMMT, "Rising Momentum", was officially unveiled in the company’s Tainan headquarters. This unique bronze sculpture artwork symbolizes the rise of new thinking and strength of CMMT, and its majestic momentum epitomizes the company’s steadfast and well-grounded corporate culture.

Under the witness of all employees, the installation art was jointly unveiled by Chairman Ho Jau-Yang, President Lo Lai-Hwang, Vice President Sheng Hai-Tien, and Vice President Hung Yu-Li. As CMMT enters its 16th year, the company has accumulated a rich foundation along the way thanks to the support and tireless contributions of all employees, which has helped the company achieve a sustainable vision for the future. We wish the company, under the spirit of "Rising Momentum", will lead to a prosperous "rise" and "momentum" that will lead all employees to a new milestone and a happy and sustainable corporate vision.