Privacy policy and statement
CHENG MEI MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CORP. or affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “CMMT”) promises to protect and respect your personal privacy. The privacy policy will help you understand the personal data we may collect, how we use and protect your personal data.
Collection of personal data
If you wish to make use of specific services on the website, search for CMMT product information or require assistance regarding our products, we may need you to provide personal data that may identify you, such as your full name, postal address, email, and other contact information. You may decide whether to provide the said information to us, but if you decide not to provide specific personal data, you will not be able to use or access CMMT’s products and services. Moreover, when you browse the website, we will collect your personal data automatically through cookies or web beacons. Personal data collected include IP address, browser type, and setup, language preference, date and time of accessing the website, URLs, etc.
Purpose of use
Personal data collected by the website is used to respond to your queries, provide the data you need, and help the Company maintain and elevate the quality of the website as well as its services (hereinafter referred to as the “purpose of use”)
Sharing of personal data
CMMT will not provide the personal data collected to an irrelevant third party.
If CMMT believes that any of the following conditions has taken place, we reserve the right to disclose your personal data to a third party: (1) Required by law; (2) For the sake of legal compliance or requested by the government; (3) To prevent, investigate, detect, and track down criminal conducts or attacks on the website; (4) To protect the Company’s rights, properties, and safety, as well as website users; (5) For the sake of public welfare.
Cross-border transmission
The personal data we collect from you may be stored or processed outside of the country you are in. Hence the level of data protection and the law may not be the same as that in your country. You agree to let us transfer, store, and utilize your personal data to other countries. We will abide by the privacy policy to protect your personal data when it is transmitted across borders.
Exercising of rights
You may exercise the following rights to CMMT: (1) Check or request browsing. (2) Request for a duplicate (3) Request to supplement or revise the data (4) Request to cease collecting, processing, and using the data (5) Request to delete the data (6) Withdraw your consent (7) File a complaint (hereinafter referred to as “exercising of rights”); however, CMMT can limit part of your rights within the permissible boundaries of the law. If you do not provide your personal data or the correct personal data, or fail to exercise your right to request to stop the collection, processing, utilization, or deletion of said data, resulting in the Company’s inability to implement the aforementioned objectives, you will not be able to obtain the Company’s products or services.
Data storage
You agree to allow us to retain your data for the duration of the purpose of use, and the data can be retained for longer periods if necessary or required by the law. You can contact us to request the deletion of your personal data collected by CMMT. When CMMT stops providing you with service, the personal data collected will be deleted.
The website may send txt files entitled “cookies” to your computer to facilitate you to use the website. If you are unwilling to receive cookies, you can change the browser settings to block all cookies or issue an alert before the cookies are stored on your computer.
CMMT’s servers will automatically record the information pertaining to your use of the website including but not limited to your domain name, computer name, IP address, the date and time you accessed the website, and the website from which you have linked to our website. The Company will use the said data to track the traffic on the website.
Safety measures
We will adopt adequate technologies and management measures to protect your personal data by preventing any unauthorized tampering, deletion, theft, disclosure, or exposure.