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CMMT’s website ( allows you to quickly understand the services we provide. When browsing, entering, or using the website, you have agreed to accept the regulations of the Company’s terms of use. If you do not accept the following regulations of the Company’s terms of use, please stop browsing, entering, or using the website.
Use permit
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Trademark rights notice
CMMT is the registered trademark of CHENG MEI MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CORP. The product or company name mentioned on the website may be the trademark or corporate identity of other companies. Unless you have received written permission from the Company or other rights holders, you may not indicate that you have obtained explicit/implicit right to use the trademarks on the website.
Copyright notice
All of the contents on the website (including text, description, illustration, picture, diagram, file, web design, website planning, and arrangement) are the intellectual property of CMMT. Unless there is written consent from the Company or other agreements have been made for the website, you may carry out the following actions to the website’s content in part or its entirety; these include but are not limited to the reproduction, storage, download, use, revision, alteration, link, public broadcast, public screening, transmission, reverse engineering, decoding, or disassembling.
Third-party website link
To facilitate your convenience, you may link to the websites owned or managed by third parties from the website (Third-Party Websites) When linking to and using third-party websites, we suggest you read and decide if you agree with the third-party website regulations. The Company has no control over third-party websites and hence we are not responsible for their contents. Although the website links to third-party websites, it does not mean that we agree with or recognize the third-party websites or the products and services associated with the third-party websites. If you believe the third-party websites do not cater to your needs or if you do not trust their contents, please cease browsing, entering, or using the third-party websites. Your conduct on the third-party websites is not related to the Company in any way, and we will never intervene between you and the third-party websites. We also will not get involved in any disputes between you and the third-party websites; you should seek assistance from relevant persons or service providers.
Data entry restrictions
When you enter data or files to our servers that include but are not limited to email or the website, you agree to obey the following: (1) Your data or files may not contain obscene, defamatory, fraudulent, crime-inducing, illegal, or inappropriate contents; (2) Before entering any data or file, you must try to scan and remove any viruses or other viral and damaging materials; (3) You must ensure that you own the data or file you have entered and you have the right to disclose them to the Company. Once the data or file has been successfully uploaded to the Company’s server, you agree that the Company may publish and (or) use the data or file openly without compensation. We can also use the concept described in the data or file on the Company’s products (developed or under development), and you may not seek compensation or claim any rights from the Company. (4) You agree not to take legal action against the Company for the data or file you have entered. (5) If a third-party takes legal action against the Company for the data or file you have entered, you must resolve the problem and bear all the costs associated with litigation, attorneys, and compensate for the Company’s damages and lost profits.
Entered content management
The Company does not and cannot monitor the data or file entered by the website user, hence we are not responsible for the said data or file. The Company reserves the right to remove the data or file entered by the user at our discretion.
The website and its contents are designed to facilitate your understanding of the Company’s services. Hence we will present the most up-to-date webpage information. For website interruptions or erroneous contents, regardless of the cause or if it is attributable to the Company, we will not be held liable whatsoever. The Company reserves the right to edit the webpage contents and the right to terminate or stop you from using the website at any time without further notice. The Company will not explicitly or implicitly guarantee the accuracy, reliability, and appropriateness of the website contents, or whether the product is suitable for a specific purpose or if the rights of others have been violated. Despite being notified of the possibility of direct, indirect, accidental, special, or major losses, economic losses, or business interruptions due to using or not using the website’s services, we will not be held liable whatsoever.
CMMT reserves the right to change the accessories that will not affect the main functions of the product.