Community care

With the spirit of taking from society and giving back to society, since its establishment in 2005, Cheng Mei Materials has been committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and actively participating in public affairs and local care, aiming to be an active contributor to society, exerting social influence, and promoting local development for a sustainable and better future.

一. Social Engagement: Cheng Mei's Heart Warms More Hearts

Digital Empowerment: Cheng Mei Delivers Love to Remote Areas with Zero-Distance Digital Education

Our company has long supported rural areas and disadvantaged groups, demonstrating social responsibility and ongoing attention to local humanities and community development. In the post-pandemic era, digital learning has become a mainstream trend, and it is urgent to address the digital learning gap in rural areas. In 2022, in response to the limited government resources, we donated 40 tablet computers to digital opportunity centers in Dongshan District and Jiangjun District through the matchmaking of Professor Lai Zhengwen of Kun Shan University. These were used for information application courses, reducing digital learning difficulties for local residents and narrowing the digital gap in rural areas.


Supporting Healthcare Workers: Public-Private Cooperation in Epidemic Prevention

After 2020, the global Covid-19 pandemic impacted the world, but Taiwan's healthcare workers never wavered, always at the forefront of the battle for the nation's health. To support and care for these hardworking medical staff, we donated 1,000 rapid test kits, 600 epidemic prevention kits, and 120 bottles of epidemic prevention spray to the Tainan City Social Affairs Bureau, Chi Mei Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare Chest Hospital, and rural childcare institutions during the pandemic. These actions demonstrate our solidarity in epidemic prevention.


Community Contribution: Corporate Social Responsibility is Unavoidable

CMMT is committed to creating a safe and healthy friendly workplace internally and supporting various social welfare organizations and disadvantaged groups externally, aiming to create higher social value. Due to the risks involved in firefighters' chemical disaster rescue missions, in 2023, we specifically donated 50 sets of half-face respirators, hundreds of filter consumables, and 20 barrels of ONE-SEVEN foam solution to the Nangang Fire Department's Fourth Brigade to protect the respiratory system of firefighters during chemical disaster rescue missions, enhancing efficiency and safety and demonstrating our responsibility and love for society. We hope this gesture can inspire more attention from the public and create a safer living environment.


Combating Dengue Fever: Safeguarding Community Health

In the second half of 2023, Tainan City was troubled by dengue fever. CMMT, deeply concerned about community health and committed to corporate social responsibility, donated funds to the Tainan City Government to purchase 5,000 sets of sprayers, jointly investing in the prevention and control of dengue fever with the public sector. We hope to see more companies actively participate in social welfare activities like CMMT, contributing to community health. CMMT will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility through practical actions, striving for the common goal of creating a safer and healthier community.

二. Public Welfare Practices: Promoting the Development of Arts, Sports, and Culture

Sponsoring cultural and artistic activities is a form of philanthropy, a continuous effort in social care, and the realization of a sustainable future:


In 2021, Cheng Mei sponsored a charity concert "Chenxi Changqin Anti-Drug Charity Concert" organized by the Rotary Club, with ticket proceeds used for the renovation of the Chenxi Adult and Silver Hair Drug Counseling Village in Taitung, assisting addicts in recovery.


Cheng Mei sponsored the Taiwan Ballet x EVA Air Symphony "Western Classical Music and Taiwanese Classic Folk Ballet Feast."


Cheng Mei sponsored the Fantasia Chamber Orchestra's "Jiang Wenye and the Fantasy Music Journey Concert" through corporate donations.


In 2023, Cheng Mei invested a total of NT$3.2 million in sponsoring activities such as the Paper Windmill Theater, hoping that the Paper Windmill's public welfare energy will become stronger, reaching towns and deep into rural areas, bringing smiles to children and planting seeds of creativity and beauty in their hearts.

The sponsored performances in 2023 included "Sweet Potato Forest Adventure" at Nanxin Elementary School in Taibao City, Chiayi County, and "New Moon Legend" at Dongshi High School in Puzi City, Chiayi County. Both performances attracted over 2,000 parents and children, providing entertaining performances while educating children about Taiwan's local culture, animal conservation, and respecting life.


From 2023 to 2026, CMMT became a sponsor of the Taiwan Beer Yulon Luxgen Dinos professional basketball team during the T1 League seasons. This collaboration represents the company's commitment to supporting the development of sports.

The balance between work and life is crucial for an individual's health and happiness in modern society. As a company that values employee care, in addition to providing a high-quality working environment and opportunities for professional development, we also encourage employees to actively participate in sports activities to maintain physical and mental health. Through our support for the Taiwan Beer Yulon Luxgen Dinos, we hope to bring more opportunities for our employees and society to enjoy sports, advocating for a healthy lifestyle.



Recognition from the Ministry of Culture

CMMT believes that art and culture are the sustainable driving forces for technology and innovation. Through sponsorship and substantial activities, we have been contributing warmth to society. In 2022, our company was awarded the 15th Wenxin Award - Bronze Award by the Ministry of Culture. We will continue to promote diverse artistic activities and public welfare, jointly developing a more innovative and vibrant future.


CMMT fulfills its corporate social responsibility by caring for society in addition to its business operations, contributing to Taiwan's culture, art, sports, and sustainability.


三. Industry-Academia Cooperation: Rooting Technology in Talent, Creating a New Future Together

Talent is the key to industry development, and academic innovation can empower enterprises. Through industry-academia cooperation, we deepen the practical connections between students and the industry, cultivate outstanding talents with a balance of academic and practical skills, and lay the groundwork to enhance industrial competitiveness, demonstrating CMMT' foresight and uniqueness in talent cultivation.


In 2021, CMMT signed a cooperation agreement with Fu Jen Catholic University to implement the "Improvement of Polarizing Plate Processing Quality through Big Data Analysis Project," effectively enhancing production capacity and product quality.


In 2023, CMMT signed a letter of intent for cooperation with the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, starting cooperation in various fields such as interdisciplinary talents, academic activities, research projects, shared research resources, and talent exchange.


Since 2022, CMMT has held two editions of the "Cheng Mei Dreamer" campus competition, aiming to inspire students' practical dream-making abilities and promote sustainable development in technology and the environment. This six-month competition has showcased participants' outstanding creativity and technological literacy, allowing the power of innovation to transcend the laboratory and realize dreams.

The "Cheng Mei Dreamer" competition not only inspires participants' creativity but also promotes the sustainable development of human resources and optical applications. We look forward to the sparks of future technology continuing to burst forth on such platforms, painting a brighter chapter for a sustainable future.

The first Eco-industrial park in Taiwan

CMMT is located in Tree Valley Park, the first eco-industrial park in Taiwan. Only 150 hectares of the 250-hectare Tree Valley Park are set aside as industrial land, and nearly 22 hectares of the land are reserved for conservation and retarding basin. Moreover, the retarding basin is designed as a landscaped lake. The Park emphasizes the symbiosis between ecology, culture, and people; more than 30,000 trees of indigenous species in Taiwan will be planted, while the 100,000 seeds project will be launched to create an international cultural landscape.

(Photo credit/Tree Valley Life Science Museum)

2020 X-site Project: Multiple Realities - Film

In 2020, Ho Lee Interactive Design participated in the "2020 X-site Project: Multiple Realities - Film", where CMMT provided the polarizer material to engender unique light and shadow effects through its optical properties. The artwork also claimed the top prize out of the 42 entries in the exhibition. “Film” is a multifaceted surround installation that is not instantly recognizable from the outside, hence the audience is lured inside to walk around and explore in order to comprehend its meaning. During the process of “passing through the film", the viewers will be exposed to optical illusions generated by the polarizers within the multifaceted surrounding. The black, impenetrable wall instantly transforms into transparent boundaries as the viewers shift their eyesight, hence “what is real” becomes a question that is asked repeatedly throughout the exploration process. People’s intervention involves the process of determining relationships, a reference for existing senses, the environment, and the unknown. The pursuit of the possibility of architectural “realism” forms a bond with the architecture and becomes an integral part of the creation. “Film” utilizes polarizers to change how lights and shadows behave in the space without additional manipulation through electrical equipment or technology. Simple mediums and structures are employed to generate a spatial experience transcending reality and fantasy.