AR/VR Application Technology
Optical adhesive and laminating technology
Ultra-wide angle solution
Curve Processing
In-vehicle HUD technology
Anti-Peep Technology
Optical films and polarizers by CMMT
Enhance the image's resolution and clarity Incomparable Immersive experience
AR(Augmented Reality)
AR (Augmented Reality) refers to the precise calculation of position and angle through camera lens and image computational technology. It allows the virtual world on the screen to blend and interact with the real physical world.
In the AR module, the optical films and polarizers produced by CMMT help enhance the image's resolution and enhance image clarity while reducing ghosting. This renders more vivid and realistic images, as if the virtual really exists in the real world.
VR( Virtual Reality)
VR (Virtual Reality) utilizes computers to generate a 3D virtual world . It provides users with an analog of visual and other senses, making users feel as if they are immersed in the real world.
The optical film of CMMT can be customized and applied to the customer's VR module, making the product thinner and lighter.
Application of Light Field Display
By utilizing the optical function board solution with low ripple and ghost image design provided by CMMT, the optical design folds the light path, making the screen display farther and enlarging and generating a clear picture on a large screen in a small space.
Multi-layer stacked film structures and bespoke solutions for client’s requirements
Optical adhesive and laminating technology
CMMT has developed its own adhesives for laminating various functional optical films with high weather resistance, making it adaptable to various environments and for laminating different base materials such as optical films, glass, etc., including roll-to-roll, sheet-to-sheet laminating, and roll-to-sheet laminating.
CMMT’s laminating technology can be versatilely paired and used based on the functional requirements of the films. CMMT has experience in laminating multi-layer stacked composite film structures and optimization solutions for different laminating conditions such as speed and pressure by proposing solutions according to customization requirements.
With the demand for lighter and thinner optical film functions and increasing product precision, CMMT continues to develop technologies for more precise applications.
Filter harmful blue light and glare effectively
Present real image faithfully
Low blue light film
With the prolonged use of displays becoming more prevalent, eyecare has become the first and foremost issue. CMMT has developed its own low blue light film, which can effectively filter harmful blue light, providing a comfortable viewing environment while preserving visual enjoyment and reducing readers’ fatigue and discomfort caused by prolonged viewing.
Precision shaped finishing provides excellent flat processing surfaces
Advanced shaped edge finishing and high-end car infotainment display panels
Curve Processing
CMMT provides a variety of shape curving precision processing solutions, which can be applied to polarizers and various polymer film precision processing technologies. Available technologies include shaped edge finishing and laser cutting respectively.
We are able to meet the aesthetic and functional design needs of various types of displays, such as laptops, car infotainment display panels, mobile phones, and various wearable devices with curved displays.
Clear. Weather resistant. Stabilized
A holistic HEAD-UP DISPLAY solution
In-vehicle HUD technology
The principle of HUD leverages a display module to provide a light source (similar to a projector) that emits an image reflected onto the projector through a reflector. It is then reflected onto the windshield, creating a virtual image in front of the windshield so that the driver does not need to look down at the dashboard to get the important information he needs while driving, bringing considerable safety to the driver.
In the display component of an HUD product, the reflector plays the role of image transmission. Effectively reflecting texts or visuals requires clear and stable performance.The HUD technology developed by CMMT is able to maintain excellent image output performance in the field of reflectors even under challenging weather conditions (temperature 120℃/1000hr).
On-screen data privacy and anti-peeping protection
Perfect privacy protection and visual clarity solution
Anti-Peep Technology
The anti-peeping technology developed by CMMT offers different modes of anti-peeping performance depending on the various applications of the display:
Through CMMT’s optical film architecture with panel-specific technology, users can freely decide whether or not to share their screen content with others, thus achieving privacy protection and versatility in equal measure. Anti-peeping externally-attached film products are produced through phase shift plates and wave plates. The product structure can be adjusted according to the brand or module manufacturers to achieve an anti-peeping product with a 45-degree viewing angle and enough darkness to hide the screen content.
The externally-attached product can maintain brightness (<10%), mitigating impact on the battery life of the portable display device.