Communication channels and frequency
Stakeholder identification
To reinforce communication between CMMT and the stakeholders, we first identify CMMT's stakeholders as entities or individuals who are significantly affected by the company's activities, products, and services, or whose actions affect CMMT's ability to implement strategies and achieve its goals. Consequently, through internal discussion held among departments and consideration of domestic and international trends in sustainability issues along with operational needs, CMMT has identified 7 groups of stakeholders including employees, customers, legal persons/shareholders, government agencies, communities/society, suppliers, and media.
Stakeholder communication channels
During our day-to-day operations, we communicate with our stakeholders through various channels to understand their concerns and respond accordingly. To be able to respond to issues concerned by our stakeholders more comprehensively, we have published the annual CSR report. The issues concerned by our stakeholders as well as our communication channels are as follows:
Issue collection and induction
The collection and research of CMMT issues are based on the themes and performance indicators of the GRI Guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and takes into account major global sustainability trends, extensive research on major issues and news events, and issues identified by international benchmark companies within the same industry. Through regular and unannounced communication with the stakeholders, a total of 31 sustainability issues have been summarized based on industry characteristics and relevance to CMMT, including corporate governance, environmental, social, product, and economic dimensions.